Thursday, February 24, 2005

Reply to All

So yesterday I get an odd message in my work email from someone in my company asking about health benefits, I was going to respond to the guy telling him he sent it to the wrong person when he wites back to appologize for mis-delivering it. That's fine.

So today I get to work and open my inbox and see 30 e-mails form people all over the company saying that they keep geting e-mail from everyone and to stop doing it....meanwhile they are hitting the "Reply All" button. And so the vicious cycle ensues. So far for the last hour, I keep getting messages form people complainging that they are getting e-mails and telling people to stop it, but they are just adding to the mess. And these are probably people that have MBA's. It would be easy to just ignore the e-mails and just delete them but they must let everyone know how annoying it is that they keep getting e-mail. I am sitting here laughing my ass off at this...these grown adults acting like petulant children, whining that their inbox indicator keep going off. At least some people are enjoying it, Vinnie said that he's "really enjoying it!!!" But now it's annoying senior management, and Karen sent a message, replying to all, that if they keep it up and crash the system there are going to be REPRECUSSIONS! was in red and in caps so you know she means buisness.

Ah, corporate America...Gotta love it.