Monday, December 13, 2004

Everything sucks

The guy taking on the express bus sucks....does anyone not have any fucking consideration anymore. I did not pay $4 for the express bus so I can listen to some asshole talk on his stupid little cell phone the whole way home. Due to his lack of consideration I know that he has a date this thursday....fucking bastard.

Christmas sucks. I am so tired of this fucking hallmark holiday. There is no meaning left in it anymore. We celebrate the birth of someone who's birthday did not even take place in december. How so? Well just last week was the feast of immacculate conception...just think about it. Either Mary gave birth two weeks after her conception or it took her a whole year to give birth. I learned in Health class either senario is impossible. It's just an empty holiday that his run by the mighty dollar.

Work sucks. I got laid off and re-hired within 2 weeks. Sounds good but I feel that I'll be doing work that I am not meant to do. I wish I knew what I was meant to do in this lifetime. I just don't know what I was put on this earth to do. I just feel that my existance has not been validated yet and I wish it were. and no I'm not going to kill myself or do something lame like that...I just feel like poop right now.

2004 sucks major donkey nuts! I'm giving this year two middle fingers and an arm gesture. I can only hope that 2005 is has to get better. This year just really sucked. I can't wait for New Years Day....It will be a new year and I will get my vacation time back so I can go on that much needed vacation that I was supposed to take 3 months ago.

Oh, and the Red Sox Suck too....Go Yankees.