Monday, May 23, 2005

Tech nerd reporting for duty sir!

So on thursday I did something incredibly stupid but at the same time SOOOOOO worth it!

I bought myself a PlayStation Portable.

The good thing about it-I can play video games, music, veiw photos and video/movies on it. The bad thing about it-I spent $250 plus $30 for a video game on it when I really shouldn't have. But as my friend T told me I will only live once and you gotta treat yourself...and that IT'S THE MOST FUCKING COOLEST THING ON THE PLANET RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been wanting a PSP ever since they anounced it at E3 last year but I ended up doing the impulsive buyer thing now because of Star Wars. Ya' see what happened was while I was waitng on the line to see the midnight showing on Wed eve my two friends broke out their PSP's to show me the movie/video game trailers they had put on the system. I was like "shit this is cool"...Then this guy infront of us turned around to show off his PSP. See this guy ripped the Star Wars movies from his DVD's, coverted them and put them onto his PSP so he was standing there watching "The Empire Strikes Back" while waiting to see "Revenge of the Sith". So then the envy bug REALLY hit me and it didn't help that T and C were continuously telling me that I need to get one. See it was all the peer pressure!

So the next day I played hookie (becuase I came home at 4am after seeing SW) and took my mom to Target. I decided that I'd take a look to see if they had any PSP's, which I didn't think they would because they were no where to be found in NYC, and to my surprise they had two units left. Now had I not gotten paid that morning I would not have bought it, plus the fact that I'm behind on some bill payments I really should have not bought it...but alas the little tech demon on my shoulder kept whispering in my ear "Get it, Get it, GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!!". So I did.

Although I feel a little guilty for buying it, I realize that it was so worth it. See I found some programs that allow me to rip video from my DVD's and then converts it to fit my memory stick and play it on my PSP. So what did I do? I ripped and coverted my favorite episodes from Xena (ADITL) and The X-Files(Bad Blood)! And you know what? IT FUCKING KICKS ALL TYPES OF ASS!!!!!!!!!

I am such a happy little nerd right now!!!!!! God bless the Japanese and the PSP!!!!!^_^

(Are you happy now Amy, I updated my Blogger :P)

Sunday, March 13, 2005

God I love being lazy!

Man there is nothing better than doing absolutley nothing on a sunday. The only reason that I am dressed is because I had to go to the grocery store and move the car into the garage...otherwise I would have still been in my pyjamas watching some Xena on DVD....much like I did last night. I had to go to a funeray mass for the son of one of my mom's friend's yesterday. He died suddenly last month...which kinda sucked because it just brought up all these emotions about Geena's death again. So in order to forget those sad feeling I did what any girl would do...I went shopping!

I went to Best Buy and bought the 6th and final (*tear*) season of Xena. I was happy and sad at the same time....what you think I was going to buy clothes or something? So I preceeded to go home and start my Xena marathon, passing on going to a birthday party up near Poughkeepsie. I wasn't in a very social mood and that shit was far away. I got in 9 hours of Xena goodness and it took away all the sad depressing thoughts that were running through my head. I can always count to Xena and X-Files for that.

So right now I'm just chillin on the 'puter NOT watching Xena because my grandmother is watching tv in my room...but it's ok because my grandfather hogs the tv in the living room eventhough he's in there sleeping not watching anything half the time.

I might make some digital art later but I'm still kinda tired, so I don't know if I'll do that.

Well that's it.....just another lazy sunday in the Bronx.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Reply to All

So yesterday I get an odd message in my work email from someone in my company asking about health benefits, I was going to respond to the guy telling him he sent it to the wrong person when he wites back to appologize for mis-delivering it. That's fine.

So today I get to work and open my inbox and see 30 e-mails form people all over the company saying that they keep geting e-mail from everyone and to stop doing it....meanwhile they are hitting the "Reply All" button. And so the vicious cycle ensues. So far for the last hour, I keep getting messages form people complainging that they are getting e-mails and telling people to stop it, but they are just adding to the mess. And these are probably people that have MBA's. It would be easy to just ignore the e-mails and just delete them but they must let everyone know how annoying it is that they keep getting e-mail. I am sitting here laughing my ass off at this...these grown adults acting like petulant children, whining that their inbox indicator keep going off. At least some people are enjoying it, Vinnie said that he's "really enjoying it!!!" But now it's annoying senior management, and Karen sent a message, replying to all, that if they keep it up and crash the system there are going to be REPRECUSSIONS! was in red and in caps so you know she means buisness.

Ah, corporate America...Gotta love it.