Thursday, November 18, 2004

It calls to us...the precious

The Hallucinogenic ToreadorMan, I never realized how addicted I am to my computer. I had to dismantle it for a couple of days while my ceiling was being replaced in my apartment. As I was choking on the dust (and hopefully not asbestos) all I kept thinking was "I wonder what's going on the X-Files message boards?" I thought I was going to become catatonic. I finally got my fix today when I returned back to work. Ah, it felt good to have access to all the useless information I can find at the click of my mouse. How terrible is that? I got to move some of my stuff back into my room last night but I didn't put my computer back because I was so tired from cleaning up the ceiling dust...but rest assured I am hooking my baby when I get home...We needs to have our preciousssssssss!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Today is Annoy Tanya Day!

I am so annoyed with everything right now, I feel like throwing my fucking office chair right through the window. It's like every little minor thing that I would usually just brush aside is all happening at the same time and it's pissing the hell out of me. What the fuck! First I can't find my scarf that matches my coat, then I get to work and I still can't get onto a website I need to do work on because of some fucking stupid computer shit that I don't even want to get into. then it's lunch time and guess what? I left my fucking money on my desk at home. Not that I was going to eat much for lunch because all I have is $4 to my name until I get paid on friday. Thank god I was smart enought to make breakfast this morning or else I would have been fucking starving all day. Oh but I think I have .45 cents in my pocket, maybe I can get a fucking carrot stick from the cafeteria!

Oh I hate to sound like this but my temper is so short today for some reason. I'm really trying my hardest not to look angry at my desk because I've already been asked if I was upset due to the look on my face. But I'll sit here and laugh and giggle and act like everything is just peachy it this fucking hell hole.

God, I need a fucking drink.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

several ramblings

I should really update this daily.....I had a wierd dream a couple nights ago. I dreamt I was with Geena but it wan't really her, she was a human clone of the Geena that died. Everyone was happy just to have her back and they were telling her the things that she used to like and the things she used to do but I was the only one that was not as elated as they were. I was talking to her and asking her if she truly felt that red was her favorite color or was she just saying that is was because that was the original Geena's favorite color. She told me that is wasn't her favorite color, she told me that although she looked and sounded like Geena she had no memories or feelings for the same things that Geena had when she lived. Then I tried to tell the family not to force the "new" Geena to be exactly like the "old" Geena. She was a different person and had her own feelings and desires, but no one would listen to me. The "new" Geena continued to act like the original version of my cousin but she was secretly unhappy......What the hell is that shit about? Maybe I need to cut back on watching all the sci-fi and horror movies that was on over the Halloween weekend.

Oh yeah and ass Bush is going back into office, the Yankees lost and Boston won the world series...the signs of the apocalypse have revealed themselves to us.....Hey at least we have the Giants and the Jets....

I hope.