Thursday, March 15, 2012

When did this become a comedy?- Dark Shadows - Official Trailer (HD)

I'm gonna start blogging again, at least stuff I don't write about on (you should visit that site too).

I am a fan of Tim Burton, I still enjoy his work. While other people didn't like Sweeney Todd, or Alice in Wonder land I thoroughly enjoyed them. And I gotta tell ya I was really looking forward to Burton's take on Dark Shadows. I have seen some of the original version of the show and really liked the remake done with Ben Cross years later so I thought this new movie version with Burton and Depp was going to be great!

Oh man was I wrong. I think there are going to be two groups of people who will have an opinion on this trailer. Those that have no familiarity with the original version of Dark Shadows who will like this trailer and those, like me, who enjoyed the original Dark Shadows and will not like this interpretation. I don't care that Burton is the director on this, this just doesn't look good to me. But you be the judge....