Sunday, March 13, 2005

God I love being lazy!

Man there is nothing better than doing absolutley nothing on a sunday. The only reason that I am dressed is because I had to go to the grocery store and move the car into the garage...otherwise I would have still been in my pyjamas watching some Xena on DVD....much like I did last night. I had to go to a funeray mass for the son of one of my mom's friend's yesterday. He died suddenly last month...which kinda sucked because it just brought up all these emotions about Geena's death again. So in order to forget those sad feeling I did what any girl would do...I went shopping!

I went to Best Buy and bought the 6th and final (*tear*) season of Xena. I was happy and sad at the same time....what you think I was going to buy clothes or something? So I preceeded to go home and start my Xena marathon, passing on going to a birthday party up near Poughkeepsie. I wasn't in a very social mood and that shit was far away. I got in 9 hours of Xena goodness and it took away all the sad depressing thoughts that were running through my head. I can always count to Xena and X-Files for that.

So right now I'm just chillin on the 'puter NOT watching Xena because my grandmother is watching tv in my room...but it's ok because my grandfather hogs the tv in the living room eventhough he's in there sleeping not watching anything half the time.

I might make some digital art later but I'm still kinda tired, so I don't know if I'll do that.

Well that's it.....just another lazy sunday in the Bronx.