Monday, May 23, 2005

Tech nerd reporting for duty sir!

So on thursday I did something incredibly stupid but at the same time SOOOOOO worth it!

I bought myself a PlayStation Portable.

The good thing about it-I can play video games, music, veiw photos and video/movies on it. The bad thing about it-I spent $250 plus $30 for a video game on it when I really shouldn't have. But as my friend T told me I will only live once and you gotta treat yourself...and that IT'S THE MOST FUCKING COOLEST THING ON THE PLANET RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been wanting a PSP ever since they anounced it at E3 last year but I ended up doing the impulsive buyer thing now because of Star Wars. Ya' see what happened was while I was waitng on the line to see the midnight showing on Wed eve my two friends broke out their PSP's to show me the movie/video game trailers they had put on the system. I was like "shit this is cool"...Then this guy infront of us turned around to show off his PSP. See this guy ripped the Star Wars movies from his DVD's, coverted them and put them onto his PSP so he was standing there watching "The Empire Strikes Back" while waiting to see "Revenge of the Sith". So then the envy bug REALLY hit me and it didn't help that T and C were continuously telling me that I need to get one. See it was all the peer pressure!

So the next day I played hookie (becuase I came home at 4am after seeing SW) and took my mom to Target. I decided that I'd take a look to see if they had any PSP's, which I didn't think they would because they were no where to be found in NYC, and to my surprise they had two units left. Now had I not gotten paid that morning I would not have bought it, plus the fact that I'm behind on some bill payments I really should have not bought it...but alas the little tech demon on my shoulder kept whispering in my ear "Get it, Get it, GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!!". So I did.

Although I feel a little guilty for buying it, I realize that it was so worth it. See I found some programs that allow me to rip video from my DVD's and then converts it to fit my memory stick and play it on my PSP. So what did I do? I ripped and coverted my favorite episodes from Xena (ADITL) and The X-Files(Bad Blood)! And you know what? IT FUCKING KICKS ALL TYPES OF ASS!!!!!!!!!

I am such a happy little nerd right now!!!!!! God bless the Japanese and the PSP!!!!!^_^

(Are you happy now Amy, I updated my Blogger :P)