Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Today is Annoy Tanya Day!

I am so annoyed with everything right now, I feel like throwing my fucking office chair right through the window. It's like every little minor thing that I would usually just brush aside is all happening at the same time and it's pissing the hell out of me. What the fuck! First I can't find my scarf that matches my coat, then I get to work and I still can't get onto a website I need to do work on because of some fucking stupid computer shit that I don't even want to get into. then it's lunch time and guess what? I left my fucking money on my desk at home. Not that I was going to eat much for lunch because all I have is $4 to my name until I get paid on friday. Thank god I was smart enought to make breakfast this morning or else I would have been fucking starving all day. Oh but I think I have .45 cents in my pocket, maybe I can get a fucking carrot stick from the cafeteria!

Oh I hate to sound like this but my temper is so short today for some reason. I'm really trying my hardest not to look angry at my desk because I've already been asked if I was upset due to the look on my face. But I'll sit here and laugh and giggle and act like everything is just peachy it this fucking hell hole.

God, I need a fucking drink.